InstantAtlas 6.9.2 HTML Templates Release Notes

Google Maps fix

Google recently changed the API used by InstantAtlas to show Google background maps in dynamic reports. This stopped all reports containing a Google layer from loading properly. The 6.9.2 templates contain a fix for this problem. Note that  pre-6.9.2 dynamic reports can be fixed without necessarily having to republish them; please refer to this article for more information.

Dropdown explorer

There is a new component available called the Dropdown Explorer. This can be inserted into a report using the Insert menu in the InstantAtlas Designer. It allows the user to browse the data in the report using dropdown menus rather than the folder system used in the default Data Explorer component.

Report with dropdown explorer


Please find below a list with the current version numbers of all InstantAtlas Desktop software parts. A star indicates the parts that have been updated in this release:

Installer 6.9.1
Publisher 6.9.0
Designer 6.9.0
Style Editor 6.9.0
HTML Templates 6.9.2 *
Flash Templates 6.7.1
HTML Profile Template 6.5.0
Excel Data Manager 6.9.0
Access Data Manager 6.7.1

Upgrading to 6.9.2 HTML Templates (applies to customers only)



  • InstantAtlas Desktop version 6.7.8 or later needs to be installed. To check your version, start the Publisher and click Help, About. If you have an older version of InstantAtlas Desktop installed, please refer to the InstantAtlas Desktop 6.9.1 Release Notes for information on how to upgrade.
  • The computer needs to be connected to the Internet. If for any reason you are not able to connect your computer to the Internet, please get in touch with who will provide you with an alternative way of downloading and installing the templates manually.

Upgrade instructions

    1. Open the InstantAtlas Publisher and click ‘Next’ to navigate to the ‘Choose a Template’ screen
    2. If the currently installed templates are older than the latest version available in the InstantAtlas Resource Library, a dialog box will automatically appear, notifying you of the release and asking whether you wish to download the new templates now. Confirm this with ‘Yes’.

InstantAtlas HTML Templates 692

  1. A new dialog box will appear asking you to login using your Resource Library account details.
  2. If you have not already registered for an account you should click the ‘click here to register’ option.
  3. Once you click ‘OK’ the new templates will automatically be downloaded and saved in the correct folder of your InstantAtlas Desktop installation. A loading bar will indicate progress.
  4. You should now see the 6.9.2 HTML templates in the templates drop down list.

Compatibility Notes

Compatibility Between Reports of the Same HTML Template but Different Versions

You may wish to publish a version 6.9.2 HTML dynamic report to benefit from the enhancements/bug fixes but retain the data and custom design that you created for an older HTML report. Of the files that contain the data/design, some can be safely copied over from an older report while others cannot. The table in the sections below show which files can safely be copied into a version 6.9.2 report.

File Notes
Data files (data.js and supporting theme files) Yes, can be copied to a v6.9.2 report
Stylesheet (default.css) Yes, can be copied to a v6.9.2 report. Note that the old style sheet will not contain new settings which were introduced in newer versions.1
Configuration file (config.xml) Yes, can be copied to a v6.9.2 report. Note that the old configuration file will not contain new settings or components which were introduced in newer versions. If you wish to make use of these, please use the Configuration File Converter within the Resource Library to update your old config.xml file.

1 If you are using map labels and your old stylesheet is of version 6.6.0 or 6.6.1 you will not be able to copy it into a 6.9.2 report as the labels may not appear as expected.