InstantAtlas Desktop 6.9.1 Release Notes

Key Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes to the HTML Edition Templates

Combined filtering

InstantAtlas supports filters for the features shown in the map. A dynamic report may have multiple filters that can be applied in combination. A bug was discovered whereby a map feature is erroneously removed when filters are applied in combination. This bug is not easily noticeable, especially if you have many map features.

If you have been using combined filters in dynamic reports published with template versions prior to 6.9.1 you will need to upgrade your report to fix the issue. If you need assistance in doing this please get in touch with

Undesired layout reset

You may have your dynamic report layout set up in a way that components are toggled on and off using a button. In previous versions of the HTML templates, the toggle status of those components was reset to their default setting when certain actions were carried out such as switching the geography layer or resizing the browser window. Reports published with version 6.9.1 of the HTML template now keep the toggle status of those components.

Bug Fix to the Publisher

Due to an unavoidable change to our online IT infrastructure, the InstantAtlas Publisher of InstantAtlas Desktop version 6.9.0 and before is no longer able to detect and download new templates when they become available through our Resource Library. To be able to receive future template releases that will be deployed through the Publisher you will need to upgrade to InstantAtlas Desktop version 6.9.1.


Please find below a list with the current version numbers of all InstantAtlas Desktop software parts. A star indicates the parts that have been updated in this release:

Installer 6.9.1 *
Publisher 6.9.0
Designer 6.9.0
Style Editor 6.9.0
HTML Templates 6.9.1 *
Flash Templates 6.7.1
HTML Profile Template 6.5.0
Excel Data Manager 6.9.0
Access Data Manager 6.7.1

Upgrading to 6.9.1 (applies to customers only)


  1. Access the Resource Library by logging in to InstantAtlas Online at
  2. If you have not already registered for an account you should click the New User option.
  3. Download the installer file (.exe) from the Desktop Maintenance area to the computer(s) with your current InstantAtlas installation(s).
  4. Double-click the file to run the installer. Choose a language for the installation. The standard installation is recommended for most users. The advanced installation essentially allows you to install additional language features (French, German and Spanish).


  1. Navigieren Sie zu um sich bei der InstantAtlas Ressourcensammlung einzuloggen.
  2. Falls Sie sich noch nicht registriert haben, sollten Sie auf den Link „New User“ klicken.
  3. Laden Sie die Installationsdatei (.exe) aus dem Maintenance-Bereich herunter und speichern Sie diese auf dem Computer auf dem derzeit InstantAtlas installiert ist.
  4. Starten Sie die Datei mit einem Doppelklick. Wählen Sie eine Sprache für die Installation aus. Für die meisten Benutzer wird empfohlen, die Standardinstallation durchzuführen. Die erweiterte Installation ermöglicht Ihnen hauptsächlich, weitere Sprachmodule (Französisch und Spanisch) zu installieren.


  1. Navige a para entrar en su cuenta Biblioteca de Recursos InstantAtlas
  2. Si no tiene una cuenta Biblioteca de Recursos, haga clic en la opción New User.
  3. Descargue el fichero de instalación (.exe) en el ordenador(es) con su instalación(es) actual de
  4. Haga clic-doble en el fichero de instalación. La instalación estándar conviene a la mayoría de los usuarios. La instalación avanzada sobre todo permite la instalación de otros idiomas (francés o alemán).

Compatibility Notes

Compatibility Between Reports of the Same HTML Template but Different Versions

You may wish to publish a version 6.9.1 HTML dynamic report to benefit from the enhancements/bug fixes but retain the data and custom design that you created for an older HTML report. Of the files that contain the data/design, some can be safely copied over from an older report while others cannot. The table in the sections below show which files can safely be copied into a version 6.9.1 report.

File Notes
Data files (data.js and supporting theme files) Yes, can be copied to a v6.9.1 report
Stylesheet (default.css) Yes, can be copied to a v6.9.1 report. Note that the old style sheet will not contain new settings which were introduced in newer versions.1
Configuration file (config.xml) Yes, can be copied to a v6.9.1 report. Note that the old configuration file will not contain new settings or components which were introduced in newer versions. If you wish to make use of these, please use the Configuration File Converter within the Resource Library to update your old config.xml file.

1 If you are using map labels and your old stylesheet is of version 6.6.0 or 6.6.1 you will not be able to copy it into a 6.9.1 report as the labels may not appear as expected.