Creating / opening an InstantAtlas dashboard from ArcGIS Online

It is possible to configure your organisation’s ArcGIS Online account so that users can create an InstantAtlas dashboard directly from a web map opened in map viewer or open an existing dashboard for edit directly in ArcGIS Online.

Firstly the administrator within your ArcGIS Online account will need to ensure that InstantAtlas Dashboard Builder is included in the Configurable Apps group for map viewer in ArcGIS Online.

How to include Dashboard Builder into the Configurable Apps group for map viewer?

  1. Log in to your ArcGIS Online account as an Administrator
  2. Click My Organization at the top of the site and click Edit Settings
  3. Click Map on the left side of the page.
  4. In Configurable Apps section, choose the group that contains the Dashboard Builder
  5. We recommend that you tick the checkbox that says “Share the Esri default configurable apps to this group when you click Save.”
  6. Click Save when done.

Users will be able to create and open an InstantAtlas dashboard once the Dashboard Builder app is added to the Configurable Apps for map viewer.

How to create an InstantAtlas dashboard from a web map in ArcGIS Online?

  1. Open the web map in ArcGIS Online map viewer.
  2. Click Share at the top map menu.
  3. Select groups to share this web map under Choose who can view this map. Note access to any dashboard created from this web map for a particular group requires that you have shared the web map with that same group here.
  4. Click Create A Web App.
  5. Under Configurable Apps tab, select InstantAtlas Dashboard Builder and click Create App. You can use the search tool to find InstantAtlas Dashboard Builder if you cannot see it from the list.
  6. Specify the title, tags and the folder location of the new dashboard.
  7. You can share the new dashboard in the same way as the web map by ticking the checkbox. Alternatively you can change the sharing options in the item page of the new dashboard within ArcGIS Online after it has been created.
  8. Click Done and then click Approve when asked for permission to proceed.
  9. The new InstantAtlas dashboard based on the web map is now created and should be displayed in the same window.

How to open an InstantAtlas dashboard for edit in ArcGIS Online?

  1. Open the item details page of an existing InstantAtlas dashboard in ArcGIS Online.
  2. Click Configure App at the menu bar.