Custom CSS and JavaScript

It is possible to add custom CSS and JavaScript to a dashboard to give it a customised look and/or behaviour. It is also possible to download the layout or colour scheme and upload it to another dashboard. To do this, go to the Style tab and click the Download/Upload button. The following window will appear:

Download/Upload button

Layout – this file contains detailed information about the layout of your report (size, position and settings for every widgets). You can click Download to save off a copy of your dashboard layout at any point (i.e. to take backups). You can then use the Upload button if you need to roll back to a saved layout for example, or to apply a saved layout to a different dashboard.

Colour Scheme – this file contains all the settings you can choose under the Style tab in Dashboard Builder. Again, it can be useful to download/upload the colour scheme for the same reasons given above for the layout.

Stylesheet – use this button to initially download the default stylesheet file for your dashboard. You can then edit this file using a text editor and upload it using the Custom Stylesheet, Upload button in order to apply the custom CSS to your dashboard.

Custom stylesheet – you can use these buttons to download/upload the custom stylesheet for your dashboard. It is worth noting that if you upload a custom stylesheet to your dashboard, subsequent chages made under the Style tab will have no effect, as the custom stylesheet overrides these settings.

Custom JavaScript – start by downloading the file, which will give you a template file that tells you where to add the custom code. You can find examples of custom code in this technical article. The dashboard will reload after you change the JavaScript. Be careful when using the custom JavaScript function as you can cause your dashboard to become permanently inoperative! It is a good idea to take a backup copy of the dashboard beforehand (Save As).