Dashboards and URL parameters

You can add parameters to the URL of your dashboard to make it load with a particular feature and/or indicator pre-selected.


To pre-select an area add this parameter to the URL of your dashboard:

select=[feature ID]

Example dashboard URL:


Where abc123 is the app ID in ArcGIS Online for this fictional dashboard. This will load the dashboard with the feature with an ID of 55 pre-selected.

You can pre-select more than one feature by using a comma-delimited list.

Example dashboard URL:


To find the feature IDs, you can do the following:

  1. Edit your dashboard
  2. Click Data to open the data model
  3. In the box on right, check which field is being used to supply the feature IDs (the field next to the Key icon).
  4. In the box on the left, use the information icon to link to the source layer that contains this field. You can then check the ID used for any particular feature.

Indicators and dates

To pre-select an indicator and date add these parameters to the URL of your dashboard:

indicator=[indicator ID]&date=[date]

Example dashboard URL:


This will pre-select the indicator with ID of i514e6c97-9ddc-dc9a-bf7a-d2bd5219ce60 and date of 2020. You will notice that the indicators IDs in dashboards are dynamically-generated GUIDs. You will need to fish these out of the data file in ArcGIS Online:


Where abc123 is once again the app ID for this fictional dashboard in ArcGIS Online.

If the data model of your dashboard is larger than ~100kb the data.json file will be split into several parts with a URL like this:


If the indicator you wish to open does not have time periods, you can leave the &date=[date] out of the URL.

Combine parameters

You can combine parameters to select features and indicators in the same URL:

Example dashboard URL: