Metadata for Selected Indicator


The Metadata for Selected Indicator widget allows you to display supplementary text for selected indicator/indicator dates. It is different to the Text widget in that the text shown in the Metadata widget can be individually specified for each indicator or indicator date. It is particular useful if you have a different set of information associated with different time periods of an indicator or different indicators. In this widget, HTML tags can be used to format the appearance of the text to make the information look more appealing to the audience.


How to add metadata

  1. Select the Metadata for Selected Indicator widget on the dashboard to open up its Properties panel on the left.


  1. Click the Add Metadata button to open up its dialog. Here you will see table(s) with 3 columns, each table representing an individual theme and its child indicators/indicator dates. The first column lists the name of the theme and its indicators/indicator dates. The second column is where you input the metadata text.


  1. Once you have finished inputting the text, click Apply.

Applying the same text for all indicators/indicator dates.

If you wish to apply the same text to all indicators/indicator dates from a particular theme/indicator, you can use the arrow down button on the third column to copy the values to the child indicators/indicator dates.

In the example below, the text for the indicator Performance (%) has been copied into all of its child indicator dates (Jan, Feb and Mar) when the down arrow button is clicked.