Web Map

An ArcGIS Online web map is the main source of data for your dashboard.  Your webmap should have at least one feature layer in it that you want to use as your thematic map in your dashboard.  Please make sure to directly specify the relevant feature layers of your feature or map service in your web map as dashboard builder will not recognize them otherwise.

The following are read from your web map:

  • All feature layers.  By default, they are all used as data layers / thematic layers in your dashboard. However, you can decide which layers are shown in your dashboard, and in what way, using the layer manager in dashboard builder. Please note that the order of layers in the web map is always kept in the dashboard.
  • The basemap and the transparency setting for the basemap.
  • Initially, the web map name for each feature layer is also used in the dashboard but you can change that in the layer manager.
  • The initial extent of the web map.
  • Field name aliases.

Other settings such as fill or border colour, border thickness and transparency can be changed in the layer manager of the dashboard.

To start with you should choose a webmap which is fairly simple i.e. one or two feature layers in it.  You should also choose feature layers that do not have too many features in them as this will affect the performance of the dashboard.  Start with less than 1000 features and see how you go.

If you want to include map layers that are not hosted on ArcGIS Online and come from your own ArcGIS Servers or third parties please refer to ArcGIS Server Layers for further information.

Data Store Users
If you are a Data Store user and have created your dashboard from the Data Store, you do not need to worry about the web map as this is automatically selected for you behind the scenes.