The legend of your dashboard can have a big impact on how the data is understood by the enduser.

For numeric indicators you can choose from one of the pre-defined classification methods Quantile, Equal Interval, Natural Breaks, Continuous and Standard Deviation. There are a number of colour palettes available of which you can choose one to be used by default in your dashboard. You can change them to create your own colour palette by adding, removing or changing single colours. It is possible to change the default number of legend classes by clicking the + and – buttons next to the colour palettes. The ⇑⇓ button reverses the currently selected palette. The enduser of your dashboard will be able to change some of these settings through the Edit Legend button in the legend widget.

For textual indicators you can associate each legend colour with a particular legend value. This ensures that a particular value always appears in this colour.

If you are not happy with on of the pre-defined legend classifications or if you need different legends for different indicators in your dashboard, you can define those by clicking the Indicator Specific Legends button.