CSV data from CKAN open-source data portal

Dashboard Builder allows you to add live CSV data from the CKAN open-source data portal to the dashboard. This saves you from having to upload the CSV file into ArcGIS Online before using it in the dashboard. It also means that any data updates in the CKAN portal will automatically reflect in the associated dashboard, so you don’t have to manually update data in Dashboard Builder.

A list of data portal websites using CKAN can be found at http://ckan.org/instances/#

Before you add a CSV from CKAN portal

1. Make sure that the first field column in the CSV file contains the same values as the dashboard ID field. This will be used as a common identifier to connect the CSV file to the dashboard.

To add a CSV file from CKAN portal

1. On the Data Manager dialog, click Add CSV AddCSVButton.

2. Enter the CSV URL from the data portal into the the Enter URL box, in the Choose CSV Data dialog, in the dashboard Data Manager.


3.  Click Next NextButton.

4. Click Finish FinishButton.

5. The CSV data should now appear in the Source Data section and you can drag the data fields to the Data Model section to be displayed in the dashboard.

Depending on how the CKAN portal is set up you may need to contact us to enable the CKAN site you are interested in.  Alternatively you may be able to get it working if you ensure the csv is coming from a CORS enabled site